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Contestants in Grand Dancer Competition
Theresea Jade is third from the left.


Theresea Jade shown here in an Aziza! original dancing at the Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival.
L'Aziz  5959766 

Pictured below:  I was honored to receive the Congeniality award from my Peers at the Grand Dancer Contest held in El Ceritto 5/11 of this year.
Here we are performing for Dhyanis' Hafla! (Theresea Jade and The Jewels of Beladi) Live music by Al' Azifoon
Jewels of Beladi and Theresea Jade Performing for Aneena's Hafla 6/2011.

Jewels performing for Winter Moon.
Annenna's Halfa, Theresea Jade.
Performing at the Sizzling Tandoor in Santa Rosa, Ca.
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